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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Walk #17 - Fellowship Park

Distance: 1.5 miles
Difficulty: 3
"This is a short,sweet canyon walk highlighted by a tour of Fellowship Park- but it comes with a warning: In recent years, residents have tried to close this public passage to the pubilc, and have installed gates and locks. Most of the time these are open. If they're not, you may have to retrace your steps a bit, but you'll be retracing some of the city's loveliest public pathways."

Me in my Oscars garb.

What a way to spend a beautiful Sunday morning in Los Angeles! It was Oscars Sunday and I got all dressed up as you can see in the picture above. Charles, in his work, deals with the Academy and he hooked me up with my Oscars outfit. In 2008 we went to the actual ceremony and walked the red carpet but on this day we walked the asphalt streets and it was still a blast! The end of the blog is very near. Only 4 walks remain.... This walk took us to Echo Park; I've written about this neighborhood in several previous posts. In addition to the regulars (Enrique, Ines, and now Mark) was Norbert who is visiting from Germany and joined us for his 2nd stair walk. Too bad he is going home soon as he will miss the blowout picnic to be held after our last walk on April 3! We were all very surprised by this walk as it led to a very secluded green spot in the middle of the city Fellowship Park. I'm sure the neighbors will hate me for this but I just have to share this delightful part of LA.

From left: Norbert, Ines, Mark, Jessica, Enrique, Charles.

We began our walk at Echo Park Avenue and Baxter Street and soon found our first staircase (39 easy steps) which took us to Preston Avenue.

Many of the streets in this neighborhood are very steep. If you drive a car with manual transmission you had better be good at it!

A view of Downtown LA.

Very near our initial staircase appeared our 2nd one; only 39 steps, heading down to Baxter Street again.
Jessica is UCLA Class of 2010 (I'm old, UCLA Class of '89) and not a big USC fan.

Notice how steep the street is. In the background are the massive Baxter Street steps that we climbed on a previous walk.

No, it's not San Francisco!
At Donaldson Street we found our next staircase (25 steps) which led us to a surprisingly sloped walkway.

The gang walking up the steep, sloped, walkway.

At Lemoyne Street we turned right where we found the stairway pictured above; 30 steps that took us to another world. Behind the water tank lies Fellowship Park. Accroding to Secret Stairs, this hilltop enclave was founded by a religious group in the 1900s. I never saw a 'park.' What we encountered was a very hidden, verdant walkway lined with houses. At one point a man came out and told us that it's private property. We were on the path and not on his property so whatever! There is a gate at the end of the path with a lock on it and I think it's people trying to make a PUBLIC walkway into a private one.
The start of 'Fellowship Park.'
Charles being himself a kid at heart.
As we continued along this amazing path we felt as if it was a walk in the woods but occasionally we would get a glimpse of the city. In the picture above you can see the Glendale Freeway below.
Century City in the background.
The winding path.
Look closely and you'll see the Griffith Observatory with the Hollywood sign as well.

From the path we could get a glimpse of Downtown Glendale and the San Gabriel mountains dusted with SNOW!

As we walked along the path we encountered a little gopher. He was very cute and not afraid of us at all. In fact, he let Enrique pet him.
One of the houses along the path.
Thankfully the gate was not locked!

I love this view of Downtown LA. So close to Echo Park.

One steep hill going down leads to another very steep one.
UGH! That misplaced apostrophe; an epidemic these days. One of my pet peeves - it's not a possessive. It should read, "Trucks and semis." Thank you.

We ended our awesome walk with a trip to a local coffeehouse, Fix Coffee. It had great coffee and food and the outdoor patio provided great ambiance. While the Oscar telecast later that day was disappointing, this walk won Best Prize!
From left: Charles, Jessica, Mark, Norbert, Enrique, me.
Feel free to join me as I discover hidden parts of Los Angeles and tackle the remaining 4 stairwalks.
Steps walked to date: 18,980.
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  1. Okay you other readers! I know you are out there!!! Why am I the only one who leaves comments??!! You only have 3 more chances! Another amazing walk. The hidden trail aka the "private" property down the hill was magical. Without the book and these walks you'd never know it existed. I've said it before I'm going to miss these walks when we are done. Thanks, Robert, for doing a great job leading all these walks and writing this blog.


    Your Only (Lonely) Commenter

  2. Charles, thanks for your comment. You are such an important part of this blog and I'm so glad you have been there for every single one.

  3. Ronald van AmmersMarch 6, 2011 at 11:43 PM

  4. Thanks Ronald. I'm already a fan of that page.

  5. I'll miss the walks but I'll know the blog and all those wonderful pictures will always be there to rememorate them.
    Thanks so much for everything!
    There, I left a comment! yay!

  6. I heard the news today about the Tsunami and I hope everything is Ok there. Our prayers are for you. Please let us know if you are all fine. Thanks in advance. All the best.

    Natalia y Carlos

  7. Thanks for sharing your concern. We're fine here.

  8. I love this blog. Just found it. Will be walking this weekend thanks to you. My husband and I never get to go on a date, but we got a sitter. If you want to suggest the best date walk...?

  9. Hi, hard to say which is the best but for me Walks #21, 24, 26,34 and 27 are standouts but they are all fun. Thanks for writing and enjoy!!