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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Walk #16 : Allesandro Loop

Distance: 2 miles
Steps: 700
Difficulty: 4

"This is a short, rigorous walk that takes in a lot of altitude. The charm of the walk-streets and the peculiarities of the neighborhood should compensate for the absence of a good cafe to start and end from." Taken form Secret Stairs by Charles Fleming.

The 3 Amigos: Vlad, Willie, Charles

When walking through Silver Lake and Echo Park it really is hard to believe that these neighborhoods are no more than 5 miles from DOWNTOWN Los Angeles. As we have a Mediterranean climate here in Southern California the hills tend to be dry in the summer and fall but later this year we'll see if we can see some more green out there - what a sight it will be! These hillside walks are always fun and we are always surprised. We have completed 19 walks and have 23 to go. Some of the upcoming ones are very short so we will double up.

We began this walk at Allesandro and Whitmore Avenue. Across the street was the busy 2 Freeway that ends in Echo Park and leads to Downtown. I used to drive by this area when I worked Downtown years ago and had no idea then how really unique these neighborhoods are. It's never too late to explore and discover something new in your own backyard!

We climbed the first staircase on Peru Street - 114 steps to Walcott Way.

A very old neighborhood with some new houses thrown in.

The Glendale Freeway (the 2) as seen from above.

"The Man in the Mirror" - Me.

A view of Atwater Village, Forest Lawn and Glendale.

I had heard about the Landacre house but had never seen it until this walk. The house pictured below belonged to Paul Lanacre - a preeminent American wood engraver and wood block artist who lived there from 1932 until his death in 1963. It is a Historic-Cultural Monument but has yet to be restored.

The Landacre house in Echo Park.
We were soon climbing down a staircase that mirrored the first one but with 151 steps and nine landings. This is a walk-street section of Landa Street with houses on it. What to do if you live in the middle?! Park upstairs or downstairs??

Some of the houses in this neighborhood date to the early 1900s and as you can see, there is quite a variety of styles and 'updates' that don't always work.

Not part of our walk.

I could so live here!

This old neighborhood had surprises at every turn. You really feel as if you are up in the mountains and not in the middle of Los Angeles.

But then you are reminded of where you are with these awesome views.

Griffith Observatory and the Hollywood Sign.
We soon found our way to the Cove Avenue steps - 198 steps down with a collection of old homes to enjoy.

The Cove Avenue steps as seen from the bottom.

The street is much steeper than it appears.
It is said that cement stairs replaced wooden ones beginning in the 1920s but here we have one of the few remaining wooden ones. In this case we have 26 original wood ones with 32 cement ones further up.
The stairway below consisted of rickety wooden steps and ended with an unpaved dirt path.

The walk ended with this sloped walkway with 140 cement steps built into the center. Yet another surprising walk under our belt!

Feel free to join me as I discover hidden parts of Los Angeles and tackle the remaining 23 stair walks.

Steps walked to date: 10,233

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  1. I really liked this walk because I got to see more of a neighborhood I don't know very well -- Echo Park. I really liked the rustic feel of this area. Great walk, great post, what's next?!