Climbing Los Angeles One Step at a Time

Monday, May 10, 2010

Walk #33: Bronson Canyon Loop

Distance:2.5 miles
Steps: 272
Difficulty: 3

"This is a gentle, deeply shaded hillside walk along hidden staircases, featuring interesting old Los Angeles architecture and great views of Hollywood, the Hollywood Hills, and Griffith Park." Taken from Hidden Stairs by Charles Fleming

Nice way to start the walk. We never spotted the perp but if you do please call the LAPD.

Although this walk took place in the Hollywood Hills our purpose was not STAR watching but rather STAIR watching. We have completed three walks to date and only once have we encountered anyone using the stairs! I'm very surprised by this but then again we do live in a car-centric town.

Big Black Widow spider or door handle?

Some stairways show their age...

This walk is especially lush for Los Angeles. The bougainvillea was in full bloom and plentiful and everywhere we looked we could see the gifts of spring. All the rain we had this year has only helped make things brighter. From part of the walk we could look down on Hollywood landmarks like the Capitol Records building but from above it's another world filled with unique homes and landscapes.

Charles among the bougainvillea

Of course there has to be a celebrity component here - it is Tinseltown after all. We could see the HOLLYWOOD sign from several spots along the way. Supposedly Brad & Angelina have a compound somewhere behind the gate pictured below. We did not spot Shiloh, Maddox, or any of the Brangelina brood.

No celebrity sightings yet.

We had lunch at Locali. Think of it as a socially conscious 7-Eleven where you can find great healthy sandwiches and snacks and the staff is very friendly. Not a hot dog of Slurpee in sight! It was a great way to end a beautiful walk.

Feel free to join me as I discover hidden parts of Los Angeles and tackle the remaining 39 stair walks.

Steps walked to date: 1,347

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  1. Yet another amazing walk in a neighborhood that I did not know. Love the Brangelina Gate - is that the same as the Brandenburg Gate?

  2. Thanks! Looking forward to our next adventure.

  3. That entranceway with the little balcony above the door is pretty cool. I can't believe these stairs are right up against people's homes like this. Very cool that they are still in place.